How to Maintain and Improve Our Brains

There are a number of websites and programs on the market today that advertise brain exercises and ways to stay ‘cognitively healthy’. However, there are also a number of simple ways to stay healthy and keep your brain functioning at it’s best. is a web resource co-founded by Alvaro Fernandez, a market and innovation analyst on neuroscience, and Dr. Elkonen Goldberg, an internationally renowned researcher and clinician. One article that was interesting on their website is written by Alvaro Fernandez, entitled ‘The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains‘. In this article, Alvaro mentions a variety of basic ways to maintain brain health, including proper nutrition, exercise and positive thinking. He also talks about how to challenge yourself with new activities and adventures. Laughter is also one ‘habit’ that can be easily accomplished. Check out the list and see if there are some easy things that you and/or your children can be doing.