Relaxation on the Internet

There are a number of ways to help you relax and reduce feelings of tension or stress in your body. When engaging in therapy for mental health issues, practicing relaxation and learning to control feelings of tension or stress in your mind and body are often important steps to master. Some people may find doing exercise is helpful, such as running, yoga or boxing. Others may feels that meditation or mindfulness-based activities are more likely to reduce tension for them. has three mindfulness-based relaxation recordings that you can try – download them from the links on the top right of this page. In addition, there are a number of resources on the internet that may be helpful and give you some other ideas about relaxation strategies that might work for you. Remember that if you experience any pain or stiffness in your body, you should consult with a doctor before engaging in more active relaxation methods. Enjoy exploring!


Inner Health Studio – This website has a number of resources, including worksheets and ‘scripts’ that can be used to help reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. For instance, there is a script that may be helpful when a child is afraid of the dark or having difficulty falling asleep. They highlight a number of tips for relaxation, such as finding a quiet place, getting comfortable, starting with a short session and working your way up, and trying different methods until you find the one that is right for you. – This website has a number of sceneries, sounds and music that you can use when trying to relax. Take yourself to the beach, listen to a babbling brook, or watch the wind move through the tall grasses.

Casual Girl Gamer – this website blogger made a Top 10 list of what she feels are the most relaxing games online. Some may find these are fun, short distractions when feeling stressed.


Yogamazing – Chaz has a number of yoga videos that you can stream or download from iTunes. His videos are short or long, with a different focus such as different body regions. Click here to access his free Podcasts.

Buddhanet – This website has a number of meditations, chanting and other guided relaxation. Malcolm Huxter has a recording called Body Scan that is a mindfulness meditation which helps you to think about your body and the sensations that you feel.

Relaxation with Andrew Johnson – there are a number of recordings available as MP3s or CDs, as well as apps for Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, etc. (the ‘Lite’ versions are free) that have relaxation exercises, as well as visual imagery. Here is an example that is available for free on YouTube: