Darlene Walker

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Attachment in Infancy and Outcomes

The attachment between children and their caregivers has been studied for many years. Theories have been developed about attachment styles, parenting techniques that foster secure attachment, and the effects on social development. Dr. Daniel Siegel, a child and adolescent psychiatrist from UCLA, has written a number of books on early child development. He states that …

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Teen Mental Health

Mental health is an area that is easily neglected, and feelings of burn out in jobs and family life are all too common in today’s world. Learning to take care of yourself and monitor your mental health is something that can start at an early age. IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova …

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Understanding the Teenage Brain

As our children enter the ‘teen’ stage of their lives, they are expected to become more independent in their thinking, both in school and in their daily lives. This independent, higher level thinking is thought to involve a set of skills sometimes known as ‘executive skills’ or ‘executive function’. Executive skills are those higher-level reasoning, …

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Welcome to my website. I am a clinical child psychologist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please click on the links above or to the right to find out more about me. Please check back regularly to see posts about psychology, including interesting information about child and adolescent assessment, as well as evidence-based treatment for children, adolescents …

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