About Dr. Darlene Walker, Clinical Child Neuropsychologist in Toronto

Dr. Walker, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Darlene Walker is a clinical neuropsychologist licensed in the province of Ontario. She completed her Ph.D. at York University, and a clinical fellowship in neuropsychology at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. She is currently in private practice at The Clinic on Dupont. She provides services to children, adolescents and families. Her primary practice area is neuropsychology, providing neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment and treatment. Dr. Walker DOES NOT provide medical-legal or custody and access assessments at this time.

In addition to being a clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Walker provides evidence-based treatment to children, adolescents and families. This includes helping individuals cope with anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues, adjustment issues and health-related concerns. She draws from a variety of treatment models when working with children and adolescents, including cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal and creative therapies. Dr. Walker also provides family therapy, using both solution-focused and family systems models in her practice.

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Areas of Practice

Clinical Neuropsychology        Clinical Psychology

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